EZ Enhanced Water Cooler Combination Kits

  • Complete cooler and bottle filling station in a consolidated space saving ADA compliant design
  • NEW Versatile Bi-Level cooler design allows for standard cooler installation of high-left/low-right or the alternate reverse cooler installation
  • Sanitary, no-touch, sensor activation with automatic 20-second shut-off timer
  • Comes with WaterSentry® Plus™ 3000 gallon filter (certified to NSF 42 and 53 for lead, particulate, chlorine, taste and odor reduction)

  • Flexi-Guard® or Vandal-Resistant StreamSaver™ Bubbler
  • Silver Ion anti-microbial protection
  • Quick fill rate is 1 gpm for refrigerated units and 1.5 gpm for non-refrigerated units
  • Laminar flow provides minimal splash
  • Real drain system eliminates standing water
  • Visual user interface display includes: (Available in a 5”LCD screen)
    • Green Ticker counting the quantity of bottles saved from the landfill
    • Filter monitor indicating when replacement is necessary and automatically resets when a new filter is present
  • One box packaging- ships the cooler and bottle filler together
  • Rated for indoor service

  EZ Enhanced Water Cooler Brochure

 Available Models:

Filtered - Single Level
Filtered, Alpha Numeric
Single Level
Filtered - Bi-Level
Filtered, Alpha Numeric