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Elkay ezH2O Bottle Filling Station

Elkay ezH2O Bottle Filling Station

The Elkay ezH2O Bottle Filling Station delivers a clean, quick water bottle fill and enhances sustainability by minimizing our dependency on disposable plastic bottles.

The ezH2O provides one solution for all drinking water needs. Great for education, fitness clubs, healthcare and hospitality facilities. Whether to fill a sport bottle or just grab a quick drink from the water fountain, ezH2O meets all needs in one location.

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Elkay ezH2O

“Americans went through about 50 billion plastic water bottles in 2006. The recycling rate for PET is only 23%, which means 38 billion water bottles go into landfills each year--more than $1 billion worth of plastic”

July 2007, Fast Company Magazine, “Message in a Bottle”

There are fewer regulations regarding bottled water than tap, according to the New York Times. And there are many claims that plastic bottles leach small amounts of chemicals such as antimony.

September 2009, San Jose Mercury News, “6 Reasons to Ditch that Plastic Bottle”

“According to Food & Water Watch, more than 17 million barrels of oil -- enough to fuel one million cars for a year-- are needed to produce the plastic water bottles sold in the United States annually.”

August 2009, Washington Post, “Bottled Water Boom Appears Tapped Out”

Antimicrobial Protection

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